Obedient, efficient and brutal, the Rottsters make up Emperor Rott’s evil army. They are made of horrid, dark slime.

Whilst they can morph into any shape, the form they take is that of a slug-like creature. It is in the nature of all Rottsters to suck the vitality out of any living object. They cover a target with their slimy bodies and drain its life force away.

A Rottster can attack a Tooth Fairy by enveloping it and draining all the colour and personality from its body. This turns the fairy into a ‘Rottster Slave’, making it act evilly and obedient only to Emperor Rott, Prince DK and Captain Plaque.

This is the fate that awaits all the Tooth Fairies if the Rottsters take over Vitura.

Whenever they are given the order, the Rottsters combine together to create one giant Rottster called a ‘Super Rott’. This makes them more dangerous and harder to beat. However the Rottsters can be defeated and scared off by the defence spells King Wisdom teaches Tula and her friends.

The Rottsters will keep on trying to attack the fairies for as long as they are ordered to, only giving up when commanded. This makes them perfect soldiers and fearsome opponents!

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