This mysterious but sincere fairy knows all there is to know about astrology (the patterns stars make) and she understands how it connects to the effects of magic and the behavior of fairies.

Although she can behave oddly sometimes, Orala, like King Wisdom and Professor T, is a respected teacher and member of Tooth Fairy society.

Personality: Mysterious, sincere, a little bit odd and sensitive.

Likes: Studying astrology and using her knowledge and beliefs to help others.

Dislikes: When her beliefs are disrespected and mocked and when detecting dark magic causes her pain.

Strengths: Her behavioural/astrological knowledge and beliefs. Orala is also very sensitive to dark magic, being able to detect whenever it is used to control a Tooth Fairy.

Weaknesses: Her slightly odd behaviour and her mysteriousness mean she is not always taken seriously. Detecting dark magic can give her head pain because of her sensitivity to it.

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