Larry's Super Punch!

This delicious drink is Larry’s own idea. It’s super healthy, super easy to make and super delicious, perfect for washing down scrummy party food with!

Difficulty: Tula's Wand


1 litre orange juice
1 litre pineapple juice
50cl grenadine
3 oranges
1 pineapple
1 punnet strawberries

What to do
- It's really important to cut the orange in half only and then scoop out the insides. Leave the orange skin halves to one side. We can use them later!
- Cut the orange insides into little pieces.
- De-core and de-skin the pineapple and cut into small chunks half the size of an ice cube
- Take the green bits from the strawberries and halve or quarter them.
- Place the fruit in a large bowl and then pour the orange juice and pineapple juice in slowly.
- Lastly, pour in the grenadine, but very slowly and it will sink to the bottom. Don’t stir it otherwise you will mix all the colours up.


SamThe best part about making treats using sugar is of course eating them afterwards, but please remember to eat sugary foods as part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle and to take good care of your teeth with the help of your dentist. You might want to try one of these as a sugar alternative. All cooking should be done under adult supervision.

Happy cooking!