At first Daria may seem rude, but underneath she is kind, loyal and brave. She just chooses to hide it.

Over time she learns to be more open and friendly, proving that she is an incredibly valuable member of the group.

Personality: Spoilt, moody, vain, jealous and rude. Secretly though, she is very caring and faithful, especially towards her brother Oscar.

Likes: Being seen as better than everyone, but only because she has little confidence in herself.

Dislikes: Being made fun of and looking weak in front of others (especially Oscar).

Strengths: Despite acting mean, she is capable of being incredibly brave, compassionate and loyal.

Weaknesses: Her rudeness prevents Daria from making friends easily, which is a problem when working as part of a team. The fact she hides her true nature means that until she shows it, no one knows just how nice she really is.

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