Crystal Ball Jellies

We all know the crystal balls owned by the Rottsters are bad, but making food that looks like them can be fun and taste good as well.

Difficulty: Tula's WandTula's Wand


6 orange skin halves (left over from the punch)
1 packet of jelly (blackcurrant or your favourtite) to make 570ml (1 pint)
1 bag frozen mixed winter berries (defrosted)
Greaseproof paper

What to do
You will need your parents help for this one but it’s really fun to make.

- Cut the greaseproof paper into a circle big enough so that it will fill the whole inside of one ‘orange skin half'. Do this for all 6 of them.
- Add some of the mixed berries into the oranges so they are half full.
- Make up the jelly as instructed but when adding the cold part of the water use some of the melted fruit juice.
- Add some of the juice from the bag of mixed berries. This will make the mixture nice and dark and give some natural sweet flavour.
- Now pour in the mixture into the orange halves carefully so they don’t fall over! Pop them into a fridge to set, (a few hours or so).
- Once set, with aid of some scissors, turn the orange halves upside down onto a plate and carefully remove the orange skin and the greaseproof paper.

And there you have it - some Crystal Ball Jellies ,

(Tula’s Tip - place the jellies onto a plate with some added mixed berry juice poured over. This will make the crystal balls look like they are melting into the plate, which we all like to see!)


SamThe best part about making treats using sugar is of course eating them afterwards, but please remember to eat sugary foods as part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle and to take good care of your teeth with the help of your dentist. You might want to try one of these as a sugar alternative. All cooking should be done under adult supervision.

Happy cooking!